Bonus Episode #1 – Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis of Twogether Studios

Bonus episode 1 thumbnail

In our first BONUS episode, we chat with Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis, owners of Twogether Studios.

Keith and Jenn are a married couple who run a board game company together. We chat with them about what that’s like and their current game on Kickstarter, Action Cats!

We also discuss the future of Twogether Studios.

(NOTE: There’s some slight distortion in the first 3 minutes of the episode due to our MWBG microphone gain being turned up. Please bear with it for those first few minutes. Thank you!)

“Keith is an award winning game designer known for his Dungeons & Dragons world of Eberron, and the transparent card game Gloom among other titles. Jenn has spent 20 years in product management and developed customer engagement programs for big companies and tiny non profits. They live in Portland, Oregon with their dog Sensei Ping and two adorable cats.”

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